Ulstein Automation, Alarm, and Monitoring

In 2016 UPC released the new version of the Ulstein Integrated Automation System (ULSTEIN IAS®). This is a major release, where the previous system from 2006 is replaced by top modern technology based on ULSTEIN X-CONNECT™. The new product, which is first in its line with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) backbone, has, among a range of different things and functionality, a new Graphical User Interface (GUI), segmented topology and is scalable in size and availability.

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regarding Connext DDS and Connext secure

Hello ,

         1.Considering DDS being a brokerless  solution, is there a meagre chance that DDS implementation can be done at broker level?

         2.Relating to the automatic discovery feature of DDS, RTI connext funadmentals of discovery somehow hampers the security aspect.

         For example , from the working context of discovery services, 

Data-Centric Programming Best Practices: Using DDS to Integrate Real-World Systems

This whitepaper describes the basic characteristics of real-world systems programming, how the DDS middleware technology can be used to integrate them, and a set of “best practices” guidelines that should be applied when using DDS to implement these systems.

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