regarding Connext DDS and Connext secure

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regarding Connext DDS and Connext secure

Hello ,

         1.Considering DDS being a brokerless  solution, is there a meagre chance that DDS implementation can be done at broker level?

         2.Relating to the automatic discovery feature of DDS, RTI connext funadmentals of discovery somehow hampers the security aspect.

         For example , from the working context of discovery services, 

        Discovery is the process in which information of applications publishing and subscribing to a certain topic is propagated. When a Domain Participant is created, the middleware               sends out packets on the network to announce its existence.
        If an application finds another application in the same domain, it exchanges information about
            ⦁ its publications and subcriptions
            ⦁ associated QoS, data types with the other application
       Then, when new entities are created (e.g., Data Writers and Data Readers), information is sent to know applications.
       In short,
       The OMG DDS API allows applications to access discovery information so it is not only the middleware that knows who is in the system, but the application can also be notified of all discovery events and see the details of who is joining the system as well as what is being            published and subscribed.

      3.But my required  security parameters are:

          1. In the setting of pub/sub system, access control implies that only authenticated publishers are permitted to distribute events in the system and only those events are delivered to authorized subscribers.
          2. In addition, the content of events ought not to be revealed to the routing framework and a subscriber ought to get all related events without exposing its subscription to the system.
             But this is difficult in content- based routing scenari alike DDS.
          3. The subscribers and publishers as well should not know each other.

      Does Connext secure provide all the above feature?

          4. If yes, then ambiguity between automatic discovery and security prevails. Are my interpretations correct?

     If anyone can put some light on it.

     Thanks and regards,