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The Health Aggregator Manager (HAM) project, developed by the Center for Strategic Health Technologies (NUTES), from Paraiba State University (UEPB), Campina Grande, Brazil, in partnership with Signove Technology S/A and LIFEMED Medical Devices, aims to create a high-level system that serves as a managing interface of medical measurements, taken by devices that comply with the ISO/IEEE 11073 standard, using the Antidote, which is a set of free libraries that implement the standard. The contribution is to present a reference architecture and implementation for an open cyber-physical system, with sound documentation and practices. The HAM was developed using agile practices and a requirements-based engineering approach. This mixed approach satisfy safety requirements defined by this type of health/medical system and enables the demonstration of compliance with main software standards.

The middleware between tools for Electronic Health Records (REIS) and Health Aggregator Managers (HAM)



DDS Based High Fidelity Flight Simulator

Abstract: The real-time distributed computing environment and reusable software architecture are important factors that affect the fidelity of flight simulation. We accomplished a flight simulator based on DDS (Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems) middleware and structural software architecture and proved its high fidelity as a flight training device.

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