Phase 1 is over!

The proposals have been reviewed and we have selected the best candidates! There are very innovative ideas and we are looking forward to seeing the projects come to reality in the second phase.

After reviewing the proposals, there are some points we'd like to clarify. I'm going to include them here (in Spanish), but you should have them in the email from the Challenge organization:


How to get your license for the Challenge

RTI is providing a 1-year RTI Connext DDS license to the contestants of the Technical Challenge. To get your license you just need to follow these steps:


Welcome to the ETSIIT Technical Challenge 2013-14

RTI Is sponsoring the University of Granada ETSIIT Technical Challenge (IV Desafio Tecnologico) for 2013-14!

The RTI challenge (reto) consists of the development of a agent-based distributed video system. Read the full description here.

You may use this forum to ask questions regarding the use of the RTI Connext DDS Software in the implementation of the Technical Challenge. 


Real-time Sensor Data Analysis Processing of a Soccer Game Using OMG DDS Publish/Subscribe Middleware

This paper describes a real-time event-based system to distribute and analyze high-velocity sensor data collected from a soccer game case study used in the DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge. Our approach uses the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) for data dissemination and we combine it with algorithms to provide the necessary real-time analytics. We implemented the system using the Real-Time Innovations (RTI) ConnextTMDDS implementation, which provides a novel platform for Quality-of-Service (QoS)-aware distribution of data and real-time event processing.

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