two applications in different languages do not communicate

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two applications in different languages do not communicate


I have developed two pairs of applications (each pair includes a publisher and a subscriber). One of them is a Windows Form C# app and the other pair is MFC VC++. 

All of the applications use the same topic and I used a listener callback using on_data_available() function for recieving data.

I assumed that the VC++ publisher app could communicate with the C# subscriber app and vice versa, but they do not. They individually run without any problem but the on_data_available() does not invoke when new data is published. What could possibly be the reason?

Thanks a lot

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Hello Randy,

They should communicate just fine. My suggestion is to start rtiddsspy on the machine where the subscriber application is and be sure tha the data are gettign across. If the data are received by rtiddsspy then you can use admin console to see what is the probelm. 

Can you give me some more details? Are you running on the same machine the two applications? Did you try to run rtiddsspy and rtiddsping to verify that there is communication? Can you run Admin console?

Let me know,