Program fails with runtime error

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Program fails with runtime error

Hi all,

I am new to RTI DDS and managed to get the shapes demo as well as the hello world example programs sucessfully running on my system.

However, I developed a stokquoter example and at runtime the publisher as well as the subscriber binaries throw the following error.

[D1066|ENABLE]NDDS_Transport_UDPv4_Socket_bindWithIp:OS bind() failure, error 0: Success

[D1066|ENABLE]NDDS_Transport_UDPv4_Socket_bindWithIp:invalid port 273900

[D1066|ENABLE]DDS_DomainParticipant_enableI:Automatic participant index failed to initialize. PLEASE VERIFY CONSISTENT TRANSPORT / DISCOVERY CONFIGURATION. 

DDSDomainParticipant_impl::createI:ERROR: Failed to auto-enable entity

DomainParticipantFactory_impl::create_participant():!create failure creating participant

I have been stuck on this error for a while. Could anyone kindly help me with the same?

Thanks in Advance,
Aketh TM

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I think this should go in the "Technical questions" area but anyway.

Looking at your error it seems you are probably using a very high domain id (1066), which requires rti to bind to a port which your operating system does not support (273900).

Try using a lower domain id, 0-100 is normally fine unless you're using some specialized operating system that has a more restrictive range.

Good luck,