sending only fields that have changed

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sending only fields that have changed



We are using RHEL7.5 and RTI DDS 5.3.1.

I've done some searching already.  I was wondering if it was possible for a datawriter to only send the fields that have changed in a message and a datareader to only act on those 'changed' fields.  Am I correct that this feature does not exist in RTI DDS currently?

One solution I have come up with is to break up my messages into samller messages and then assign each of these smaller messages to datawriter/datareader pairs.  But, is this strategy efficient if the orignal messagee was say 100 fields or more?


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I am trying to utilize Queuing service to do a replication from RDBMS to DDS middle ware in both historic data replication and online replication for any changes thereafter. It seems you are working on similar functionality of synching the changes for topics that have 100 fields are more. I am new to DDS and trying to get this configured. Could you please guide on how the XML config would have to be done and any specifics of modifying rtiddsgen generated publisher/subscriber code for achieving this functionality?



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Hi Mindflayer,

RTI Connext DDS doesn't currently support that feature you are mentioning. When you are designing your system and your topics, you would typically group your fields in topics by how often they change. So, if I have a set of fields that do not change very often and then a set of fields that change once a second, I would divide that information into 2 different topics.

Therefore, I do believe that your second approach (break up your messages in smaller pieces) is the way to go. You'd rather have that design instead of a topic with 100 fields.

Hope this helps,