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reference Architecture


Can I say that DDS is a "reference model" in software architecture ?! if yes, can I clain that for any real-time software in distributed systems we should use DDS ? why?

and if no, so I need a reference model !  how can I make a reference Architecture? Is there any ?

more info:

Reference model[1] :

A division of functionality into elements together with the data flow among those elements.

Reference architecture [1]:

A reference model mapped onto software elements that implements the functionality defined in the reference model.


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In my opinion DDS itself is not a reference model as defined above.  I tend to think a reference model is something more specific, usually applied to a concrete problem or application domain. For example one could speak of a "reference model" for an Ait Traffic Control System, or for a Patient Monitoring System, or for a Stock Trading Platform.  In each kind of these situations it would be possible to first define a "reference model" which describes how the system functionality could be broken up in to elements and the kinds of information flows. And then a concrete realization of that architecture using technologies like DDS, of Web Services, relational databases, etc. could be a  "reference architecture"

Another way to say it is that I think DDS is an excellent technology/platform to define reference architectures because it allows you to break the system into elements (matching those in the reference model) and implement the data-flows easily by mapping them to Topics. DataWriters and DataReaders.   So for each reference model you have you could use DDS to develop a corresponding reference architecture.   So DDS itself is not the reference model but a tool that can be used to implement those models so you can construct a reference architecture.