How do I connect publishers and subscribers that are not connected on the same local network?

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How do I connect publishers and subscribers that are not connected on the same local network?

I have a bnunch of distributed computers (they're specialized weather stations) that are connected to the internet via LTE modem. They're scattered across farmland in Nebraska and although they're in remote places, they have strong LTE coverage. I want these computers to pseudo-stream their data to a laptop located in a remote location that is also connected to the internet. There is no local IT infrastructure connectimng any of the computers, they're only connectivity is over the interet.


I understand that the publish/subscribe model is not really used for streaming, but I want the lowest latency access to data from by distributed weather stations as possible.


Can I use DDS somehow to do this? What else would be required to make this happen? I will be programming both the weather station side and the laptop side in LabVIEW, but I have access to other developers and IT personell that could help with other aspects of making this work.

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Yes, you can use DDS for this communication. What is needed depends a lot on the details of your network.

In the simplest case, your devices have static IP addresses that are directly accessible from the internet. Then, all you need is to configure the initial peers correctly for each device.

If the IP addresses are unknown, or if you don't want to manually configure all of the initial peers settings for each device, RTI's Cloud Discovery Service can help.

If your devices are behind a firewall or are doing NAT translation, or if you are concerned about security, then you may need to use something other than the default UDP transport. Using TCP or TLS usually does the job.

So it may be easy or challenging, depending on your specific configuration, but you should be able to use DDS.

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Hi David,

you may want to contact your local Account Team and they can help you with your specific use-case. You can find this information here: