Compileing DDS Micro to ESP32

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Compileing DDS Micro to ESP32


I'm trying to complie DDS Micro for ESP32, firstly just to run some kind of Hello World. My dev. board has 2MB of flash memory, that should be enough.

I'm planning to use it with the ESP32 SDK (if possible..), that is based on a modified FreeRTOS and an lwIP stack. (

Based on this ( I created a project and copied the DDS source into a new component folder.

Firstly I'm trying to use FreeRTOS architecture based on this (
Is it possible to make it work with the modifications of the SDK (, or you suggest a different architecture/setup?  

And what is the supported workflow in this case? Planning to create a makefile about what rtime-make would do to combine with the SDK makefiles.

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Well, I would just try building the Connext Micro source code for your FreeRTOS/LwIP platform.  I believe that there are files that support that platform distributed with Connext Micro 3.0.3, including CMAKE support files as well as source code for an OSPAI layer for FreeRTOS.  You may or may not need to modify the CMAKE support files to accomodate your SDK.  You may or may not need to modify the OSAPI code for FreeRTOS.  You can just search the installation tree for "freertos" to find the related files.

Usually, customers who use Connext Micro on their FreeRTOS platforms need to customize what is provided to compile and work with the specifics of their platform.  If you're on a project with paid technical support, you can contact, who can answer questions that you may have during that process.