Retrieve integer enumeration value

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Retrieve integer enumeration value


I'm reading a dds log file using sqlite and having troubles to retrieve the original integer values that were specified for enumerations in my *.idl file.

For example:

enum tTest

struct tMyData
  tTest testData;

When I read testData, I want to get the integer values 0,1 or 2. But instead the json string contains "Value0", "Value1" or "Value2". Is there some setting that I miss during the recording?

Any help is highly appreciated!


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Sorry, what you do mean by DDS log file?  Are you referring to the RTI Recording Service?  If so, you can record the data in serialized binary format.

Then you can load the serialized blobfor the data sample and use FooTypeSupport::deserialize_data_from_cdr_buffer to convert from the serialized format into the data structure.