An Extensible CBM Architecture for Naval Fleet Maintenance Using Open Standards

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) of naval assets is preferred over scheduled maintenance because CBM provides a window into the future of each asset’s performance, and recommends/schedules service only when needed. In practice, the asset’s condition indicators must be reduced, transmitted (off-ship), and mined using shore-based predictive analytics. Real-Time Innovations (RTI), Inc.

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An Extensible Architecture for Avionics Sensor Health Assessment Using DDS

Avionics Sensor Health Assessment is a sub-discipline of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM), which relates to the collection of sensor data, distributing it to diagnostics/prognostics algorithms, detecting run-time anomalies, and scheduling maintenance procedures. Real-time availability of the sensor health diagnostics for aircraft (manned or unmanned) subsystems allows pilots and operators to improve operational decisions. Therefore, avionics sensor health assessments are used extensively in the mil-aero domain.

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