µDDS: A Middleware for Real-Time Wireless Embedded Systems

Abstract:  A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is formed by a large quantity of small devices with certain computing power, wireless communication and sensing capabilities. These types of networks have become popular as they have been developed for applications which can carry out a vast quantity of tasks, including home and building monitoring, object tracking, precision agriculture, military applications, disaster recovery, among others. For this type of applications a middleware is used in software systems to bridge the gap between the application and the underlying operating system and networks. As a result, a middleware system can facilitate the development of applications and is designed to provide common services to the applications. The development of a middleware for sensor networks presents several challenges due to the limited computational resources and energy of the different nodes. 

This work is related with the design, implementation and test of a micro middleware for WSN with real-time (i.e. temporal) restrictions; the proposal incorporates characteristics of a message oriented middleware thus allowing the applications to communicate by employing the publish/subscribe model. Experimental evaluation shows that the proposed middleware provides a stable and timely service for providing different QoS levels.

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