RTI Connext Micro 2.4.1

RTI Connext Micro is a small-footprint messaging solution for resource-limited platforms. It provides the communications services that programmers need to distribute time-critical data between embedded and/or enterprise devices or nodes. RTI Connext Micro implements the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) wire interoperabilty protocol standards to make data distribution efficient and robust.

API Reference

Because RTI Connext Micro is a small-footprint DDS implementation, features that are available in RTI Connext DDS may not be supported in RTI Connext Micro. There are also features unique to RTI Connext Micro. Thus, users of RTI Connext Micro should consult the RTI Connext Micro DDS C API Reference, the API Guide, and RTI Connext Micro DDS C++ API Reference for APIs and QoS supported by RTI Connext Micro.

Release Notes

For information about this specific release of RTI Connext Micro, consult the Release Notes. It describes system requirements, compatibility configuration, what's fixed in this release, and known issues.

User Guides

User guides provide detailed descriptions and walkthroughs on the following topics:

Buildable Source Code

Buildable source code of RTI Connext Micro is available in a standalone bundle. It allows RTI Connext Micro to be integrated into your development projects as source code. It also allows custom configuration and builds, including porting RTI Connext Micro to new operating systems and platforms. Please contact sales@rti.com to request it.