Admin Console cannot subscribe to topic

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Admin Console cannot subscribe to topic


I'm getting an error from the Admin Console when I try to subscribe to a topic:

 ERROR : : - unable to determine type consistency since both type objects are available but at least one of the type codes is not, topic=ice--PatientIdentification

When I look at the match graph, it shows the reader and writer are matched on the topic and the admin console reader is "healthy".

Does anyone know why it would be failing the type consistency check?


Anne Fiore

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Hello Anne, 

From the error message you posted, i think the type code (needed by admin console) is not being send. That can be because the type code is bigger than the default size, so it is not sent. 

You can check out this article to change the defaults and send bigger typecodes:

Let me know if it works, 

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Hi Anne,

My name is Ken Brophy and I'm the Admin Console developer. It appears as though the new subscription you've made inside of Admin Console is causing the error message. Would it be possible to get the IDL that you're using? I can try to reproduce the error here and see if there are more suggestions I can offer. If so, you can email it to me: ken at r t i dot com.

Are you seeing data from the Topic in Admin Console? If so, I think the log message is just me being overly cautious.