connectdds-py installation

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connectdds-py installation

Possible newbie question.

I'm following the "Getting Started" instructions for Python API building (

I'm stuck on the Step 2, running the "configure" line, specifically a FileNotFoundError for my target library directory: FileNotFoundError: rti: x64Linux3gcc4.8.2 target library directory was not found

The command I'm running:  python x64Linux3gcc4.8.2


Ubuntu 22.04, using

I have rti_connext_dds-7.1.0 installed in user space.   All RTI applications work fine.

I have my NDDSHOME environment variable set to the above user directory, and have verified that it's correct in several ways.

I inspected my installation and made a reasoned guess that the string to use for the platform argument is x64Linux3gcc4.8.2 based on the contents of the rti_versions.xml file and that string appearing as a directory name, e.g. $NDDSHOME/resource/app/lib/x64Linux3gcc4.8.2

I made sure the branch/tag of my connextdds-py repo was version-consistent to 7.1.0.  

I hope I'm not overlooking something obvious.   Any suggestions?  

I'm suspecting I need to install some new package via the RTI Package installer.  But it's not clear to me what to install.

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Have you downloaded and installed the target library package for x64Linux3gcc4.8.2 (or more acurately, the correct library for your platform)?

For example on your support portal ( you should see these two target packages for Connext 7.1:

rti_connext_dds-7.1.0-pro-target-x64Linux3gcc4.8.2.rtipkg which is intended for Redhat 7, 7.3, 7.5, 7.6, and centOS 7.0

rti_connext_dds-7.1.0-pro-target-x64Linux4gcc7.3.0.rtipkg which is intended for Redhat 8 and 9, and ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, and 22.04

After downloading the package, open up launcher, go to the configuration tab and select "Install RTI packages". Then pick the .rtipkg file you downloaded and you should be good. You can download multiple targets which can be useful for things like cross compiling. 

Our installation manual covers this process in more detail if you need to support things like installing from a shell/CLI:

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Thanks, figured it was something like that.  While I can see portal packages for all manner of things, there are none for "pro target" except for Windows even though I see mulitiple linux "host" installers.   While in another license account I have access to in the portal I do see rti_connext_dds-7.1.0-pro-target-x64Linux4gcc7.3.0.rtipkg.

I figure this may be an issue with my license purchase, and I will handle that accordingly.

Thank you!