Connector in JS support unboundedSupport?

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Connector in JS support unboundedSupport?


In the past when I converted my IDLs to XML and leveraged the rti dds connext in javascript to write my applications in Node.js I struggled to understand why there was a data mis-match between my JS code and the service I was talking to. We added unboundedSupport to the conversions for java and xml and I'm wondering if because JS is loosely typed that the issue could be that the JS version of the connector does not know how to properly treat the maximum signed 32-bit integer.

From the other services I'd see a string / sequence length of 2147483647 but in my xml code it would be -1. I would change it to 2147483647 and the mis-match would go away. Any idea if this is a known problem or bug?

I was told in the future that the rti dds connext in JS would have some method to take the xml and turn it into useable types for enumerations, etc. Maybe this is a problem that could be solved by this addition in the future?



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Hello JJ, 

Thanks for using the forum!

My understanding is that you have an IDL and you tranform that in XML and then you use it to init the connector. Is that right?

When you do that, the connector type doesn't match with a standard example created from the IDL. Is that right?

The connector is using a standard DDS dynamic Data.. nothing to do with the JS types system. Are you using getJSON ?

Can you provide a simple reproduce so i can understand better what is going on and try to help?