DataWriter sends the message but receiver diddnt receive it

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DataWriter sends the message but receiver diddnt receive it


   In our application we have around 20 DataWriter and 20 DataReader. We are using shared memory as way to cummincate across reader and writer. In the QOS policy we have also enabled durability and history.

Problem is for one topic we are able to send message but in other end its not receiving the message. In the RTI log I can see datawriter is able to create the topic and immediatly write data into it/ and sucessfuly able to write it. In the receiver end we are creating the topic at the begining itself. But still datareeader is not able to receive the message. For your information Datareader created the topic long enough before Writer sends the data.

Do you think it is the problem with the Discovery. Is there any way in the RTI to monitor the RTI queue to veriy whether the message is received in RTI queue. I tried with RTI monitor but I didnt get much information from that. we are not using DataReaderlistern , rather we are using wait set to get the message. In short we are using user thread to get the message.






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The Three Things:  Topic, Type and/or QoS

Topic:  rtiddsspy -domainId <domain> (and inspect the Topic and Type Names).

Type:  Analyzer or Admin Console to diagnose

QoS:  If it is a QoS mismatch, instrumenting the readers/writers callbacks (on_offered_incompatible_qos, on_requested_incompatible_qos as appropriate) will tell you.  Also using Admin Console or Analyzer will list all mismatches.