DDS_DataWriter_write_untyped_generalI:not enabled

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DDS_DataWriter_write_untyped_generalI:not enabled


My program reported this error “DDS_DataWriter_write_untyped_generalI:not enabled”.

there is my codes

public boolean CreateTopic(String topicname, String typename, int dt, String struname, int row, int col, int InOut)


m_dt = dt;

m_elements = row * col;

m_topicname = topicname;

m_typename = typename;


portTc = DynamicTopic_create();

if (portTc != null)



DynamicDataTypeProperty_t props = new DynamicDataTypeProperty_t();

portTS = new DynamicDataTypeSupport(portTc, props);

portTS.register_type(m_domainParticipant, typename);

portTopic = m_domainParticipant.create_topic(topicname, typename, m_domainParticipant.TOPIC_QOS_DEFAULT, null, StatusKind.STATUS_MASK_NONE);


if ((InOut & 0x2) == 0x2)


DataWriterQos datawriter_qos = new DataWriterQos();


datawriter_qos.history.depth = 100;

datawriter_qos.reliability.kind = ReliabilityQosPolicyKind.RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS;


portData = new DynamicData(portTc, DynamicData.PROPERTY_DEFAULT);

portWriter = m_publisher.create_datawriter(portTopic, datawriter_qos, null, StatusKind.STATUS_MASK_NONE);

portDataWriter = (DynamicDataWriter)portWriter;



if ((InOut & 0x1) == 0x1)


DataReaderQos datareader_qos = new DataReaderQos();


datareader_qos.history.depth = 100;

datareader_qos.reliability.kind = ReliabilityQosPolicyKind.RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS;


portReader = m_subscriber.create_datareader(portTopic, datareader_qos, null, StatusKind.STATUS_MASK_NONE);

portDataReader = (DynamicDataReader)portReader;

portCondition = portReader.get_statuscondition();

portWaitSet = new WaitSet();




return true;



and some variables define:


private TypeCode portTc;

private DynamicDataTypeSupport portTS;

private Topic portTopic;

private DynamicData portData;

private DataWriter portWriter;

private DataReader portReader;

private DynamicDataWriter portDataWriter;

private DynamicDataReader portDataReader;

private StatusCondition portCondition;

private WaitSet portWaitSet;


when i run this program, it turns out that 

"DDS_DataWriter_write_untyped_generalI:not enabled , DDS_DynamicDataWriter_write:!write"


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what i'm confused about is when i call "portDataWriter.write(portData, InstanceHandle_t.HANDLE_NIL);" it cameout that 

DDS_DataWriter_write_untyped_generalI:not enabled




which step is wrong?

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Sorry, without actually trying to run your program, there's not enough information in your post to determine what the problem is.

I suggest that you set the verbosity of Connext DDS to a higher level and see if that give you additional information that you can use.