Discovering/Listing Generated Types

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Discovering/Listing Generated Types

Is there a way to discover/list "Generated Types" so that they can be instantiated for interrogation purposes?


Thanks for any help.

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I am not sure what do you mean with "Generated type" but maybe this can help you: You can write an application to get information about topics and types that are being published by other applications. You can do that using "built-in topics"

We have an example that shows how to use built-in topics: Check it out: it's a good start. 

Basically, you app needs to create a DataReader for one of the built-in topics (participant, publication, or subscription) and simply start receiving samples when new enities are  created. 

Find more info looking at the API (here for c, but we have them for all languages)

Does this answer your question?

 -- Gianpiero!