Does RTI Context DDS support DLRL for now?

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Does RTI Context DDS support DLRL for now?


I wondering if RTI Context DDS supports DLRL (Data Local Reconstruction Layer) for now after OMG DDS-DLRL spec released ?

if not, is there any best practice about topics management? Egde devices data need to be reconstruction on the cloud side, which cause too many topics because topic and data type is one-to-one.



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Hello Jason,

We do not support DLRL, but we should be able to satisfy your requirements without it. We have many excellent references for architecting your system correctly with DDS. Here are some that should be useful. If you need more advice and/or assistance, please let us know.

Best regards,



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FYI, no currently supported DDS implementations support DRLR as far as I know.  DLRL was initially a part of the DDS specification.  Then after a few years, it became clear that DLRL

1) was difficult to implement

2) few users needed it

3) only a single DDS implementation supported it at some level (at the time, since then it's been dropped even by that implementation)

So OMG decided to separate the DDS spec into it's 2 components, DCPS (which essentially has all of the features/capabilliites that was being used by DDS users) and DLRL (which, yes, there's a spec, but it's a "dead" spec, no work is being done on it, no viable implementation of the spec, etc).