Maximum DataWriter on a Computer

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Maximum DataWriter on a Computer

We have 7 processes running on a single computer.  Each process creates 3 domain participants with domain id 0,1, and 2.  Our system has less than 80 DataReader/Writer combined.

The symptom is some DataReader/Writer from process number 6 or 7 (the process that was launch later) will not be discovered by rtiddsspy nor other processes.  There are no error message from RTI DDS, and DataReader/Writer pointers return from publisher->create_writer is non-null.  The application can still send data using those "problem" data writer and get a return ok.

Some QoS we modified:  no multicast in discovery, using initial peers list for loopback, turned off shared memory transport.

Question: What is restricting some later created DataWriter/Reader from working (meaning discover, send/receive data)?  Is there some resources shared by all Reader/Writer get used up?

 Since then:

1) tried using a decreased discovery_config.participant_liveness_assert_period, still shows same symptoms.

2) reordered the launching of processes, it is always the later processes that will have "problem" DataReader/Writer

3) install DataReaderListener for problem DataReader, no subscription_matched, or any of the callbacks was called.

edit: using RTI DDS 5.0.0


In our QoS xml for the initial peers list, we were using builtin.udvp4:// loopback without specifying how many participant id limits according to the address format, it is defaulted to contacting participant id 0 to 4.