Multicast Communication between Connext Micro and Connext Pro

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Multicast Communication between Connext Micro and Connext Pro

Hello RTI Community,

I'm having trouble getting multicast communications working between a connext micro and connext pro application. 

Essentially, my use case is this:
I have a bunch of embedded devices I need to have communicating with a connext pro entity. They need to communicate primarily via multicast, with a few unicast messages targeted at specific embedded devices now and then.
All discovery well be done via multicast on
Connext Pro Application X receives data on    (which is sent from Connext Micro Application A)
Connext Micro Application A receives data on (which is sent from Connext Pro Application X)
I need to configure it in such a way that I can later add other Connext Pro or Connext Micro Applications to the domain 
that receive on other multicast addresses (,, etc.).
Any application should, ideally, be able to talk to any other application (assuming one has a subscriber for a topic published by another).  
There could be any number of devices running Connext Pro Application X, Connext Micro Application A, Connext Micro Application B, etc.
I can get two micro applications to discover and communicate via multicast, and I can do the same with two pro applications.
I can also get a pro application to communicate with a micro application via unicast.  
When I try to get communication working over multicast between my pro and micro applications,
I get several of the following errors from the Connext Pro application during discovery:
COMMENDSrWriterService_assertRemoteReader:!create reachable destination
COMMENDSrReaderService_assertRemoteWriter:!create reachable destination
I've tried running the applications on the same machine and on separate machines, but the results I get are consistent.
Can anyone tell me what might be going wrong?