Problem in registering topics and publishing

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Problem in registering topics and publishing

While running my program using DDS RTI Connext, I face following probelms.

1. It takes time to register topics. Sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes more.

2. So while running my program, I get follwing output:

                    WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_addEntryToSessions:!initialize sample
                    WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_getEntry:!add virtual sample to sessions
                    WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_addSample:!get entry
                    PRESPsWriter_writeInternal:!collator addWrite

and the write function returns NOT_OK as return value.

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What do you mean by "register topics"?  What DDS APIs are you calling that takes "5 minutes"?  How many topics is this?  Just one?  Or is this hundreds?

What is the type of the topic that is being sent by the datawriter that return an error.  And exactly which error code is being returned?  "NOT_OK" is not a error code that's returned by the datawriter.  Does the write fails everytime that its executed?  Or does it work for sometime before it fails.  Is your code doing something different when the error occurs?

Also, what version of RTI Connext are you using and which operating system are you using?

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