Problems when using nonzero domain

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Problems when using nonzero domain

I have two domain participants that are able to communicate fine using domain "0". One is an ARM linux system, and the other is an Intel linux.  There is also a Windows PC watching with the RTI Administration Console.  Jumboframes are enabled on all network adapters.

I can change the Intel-linux participant to domain 1 and see its topics show up in the Admin Console (and also rtiddsspy being run on the Intel-linux)

However, when I change the ARM-linux participant's domain ID to 1(or 2, or 3) and run it, its topics do not show up in the Admin Console.  Nor are they seen by the rtiddsspy. 

I DO see its domain participant information in the Admin Console... just not the topics.

(Its the same symptom I sometimes see when I accidentally have some systems using jumboframes and others are not... it results in incomplete network information in the DDS metadata handshaking)

I'm wondering if anyone can think of anything that might cause domains other than 1 to fail to show up. 


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Is it possible that your unicast discovery ports are being blocked on the ARM-linux?
The domain participant information is sent (if i remember correctly) on the domain 0 multicast discovery port (7400) so that could explain why you see that but not the more specific data.