Remote Routing Service configuration

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Remote Routing Service configuration

NOTE: Problem was resolved. The invocation counter field should be kept constant when multiple fragments are send.



I am having a problem to get remote router configuration to work when the content of the Xml URL is larger than XML_URL_MAX_LENGTH.

It works fine when the size is smaller than XML_URL_MAX_LENGTH and only one message is required. The procedute I use is to send multiple messages

with only the last one with is_final set to TRUE. What is the expected format for the strings in the fragments ?

Should each fragment start with str://\" or only the first one ? 

Should one expect responses from requests in which the is_final field is set to FALSE ? (I do not see responses).

Is it OK if the non-final fragment size is less than XML_URL_MAX_LENGTH (say 2048) ?

I have tried various combinations of the above, but usually get something like :

host: 0
app: 0
invocation: 71
message: "bad xml url"
is_final: true

as a response on the final request.

Thank you



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Hello Nico, 

Fantastic!  I am glad you were able to find the answer.  I was looking into it, but hadn't been able to reproduce the problem, yet.


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Hi Rose,

I probably should have given more information in order to reproduce the prooblem, but thank you for looking into it.

Attached is the Spy output of a remote admin command for a multiple fragment message that is successful. It may be a good 

reference that shows the usage and format of the strings.