RTi-Connext DDS Connector TimeStamp from sampleinfo struct

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RTi-Connext DDS Connector TimeStamp from sampleinfo struct


So I had a question regarding the rti-connextdds connector python APIs. 

I made a small change to expose the reception_time from the sample info structure by making a call to the rti.RTIDDSConnector_getNumberFromInfos (by looking at the rticonnextdds-connector.js)

Using this I can succesfully receive a double representing the timestamp in microseconds from the  sample_info structure the issue is when using this on my setup (Ubuntu 16.10 x86-64) I seem to be receiving a negative number. As the timestamp is nativley stored as the DDS_Time_t {.Sec, .Nanosec} struct, I was wondering if you could let me know how are you providing this timestamp from the stuct, and is there a way to convert it to system time ? 

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We discussed and, I think solved, the issue right here https://github.com/rticommunity/rticonnextdds-connector/issues/38#issuecomment-283507212