Saving recieved topic data

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Saving recieved topic data

Is there a way to save the data that is received in a topic? Right now, I am subscribed to a topic through the Administrator Console and I can see its fields and values. Is there a way for me to capture the info in topics? Ideally I would like to capture the data of a single topic.

I know that there is the RTI recorder available but I am not very familiar with how it works or if it can capture a single topics data like I am trying to do.

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Recording Service is pretty easy to use.   

For example, in the attached MY_RECORDING_SERVICE.xml file, there is a recording_service profile that only records the  'Squares'   from the Shape Demo.

<recording_service name="UserRecorderService_Squares">


If you use the Recording Service GUI, from the Launcher,  you can specify this file in the "Custom" field and select UserRecorderService_Squares  - from Custom  configuration

The recorded session is saved as a SqLite Database.  

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