Setting a specific QoS profile with rtiperftest

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Setting a specific QoS profile with rtiperftest


I'm trying to specify a different QoS profile for my rtiperftest to use. Unfortunately, the only thing I can change seems to be the name of the QoS file but not the profile used. Is there any way to control this?


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configuring QoS for the perfTest is problematic, as some of the values are hard-wired.  Trying to change them via XML won't work since they will be overwritten by the code.

From the Documentation:

-qosprofile <filename> :: Path to the XML file containing DDS QoS profiles.
Default: perftest.xml
The default file contains these QoS profiles:
• The ‘ThroughputQos’, ‘LatencyQos’, and 'AnnouncementQos’ profiles are used by default.
• The ‘NoAckThroughputQos’ and ‘NoAckLatencyQos’ profiles are used if you specify -noPositiveAcks.
Note: some QoS values are ‘hard-coded’ in the application, therefore setting them in the XML file has no effect; see the Note: on Page 21.
See comments in perftest.xml, as well as Configuring QoS with XML, Chapter 15 in the RTI Data Distribution Service User’s Manual.

Because the profiles are hard-wired, you would make a copy of perftest.xml, edit the profiles to suit (but not the profile names).  Then ensure that the -pub and -sub instances are using the same xml file (very important).

What are you trying to address? (ie, why do you need to tweak the QoS settings?)