softball question: rtiddsping "on_rquested_incompatible_qos"

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softball question: rtiddsping "on_rquested_incompatible_qos"


Using rtiddsping  (DDS version 5.3.1) like so  :

machine1>  ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1 -reliable -subscriber

machine2> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1

^^^ does NOT work : message is "DataListener::on_rquested_incompatible_qos   Incompatible policies: [2, ];"


but if i do this:

machine1> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1

machine2> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1 -reliable -subscriber


it works. 

machine1 is a linux box running redhat 6.5

machine2 is a linux box running redhat 7.5


this has to be an easy one.


thanks very much

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Hi Robert,

If your rtiddsping publisher application is not marked as  -reliable it will use the default Reliability QoS for DataWriters, which BEST_EFFORT. Therefore, if you create an rtiddsping subscriber requesting  -reliable communication, you should get on_requested_incompatible_qos, because it really needs a Reliable DataWriter for the contract to be met. I think the error

If you want to get more information on incompatible QoS settings, you can run RTI Admin Console along with your ping applications and make it join Domain 12, which is where you are exchanging information. It will pinpoint all the mismatches that are happening.

Best regards,