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softball question: rtiddsping "on_rquested_incompatible_qos"


Using rtiddsping  (DDS version 5.3.1) like so  :

machine1>  ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1 -reliable -subscriber

machine2> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1

^^^ does NOT work : message is "DataListener::on_rquested_incompatible_qos   Incompatible policies: [2, ];"


but if i do this:

machine1> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1

machine2> ./rtiddsping -domainId 12 -transport 1 -reliable -subscriber


it works. 

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rtiddsping discovery w/o data


I'm trying to establish DDS connectvity between two hosts, which are now directly connected with 10GB fiber to hopefully simplify the testing as previously there was a 10GB switch involved.

After following advice across several posts on this forum, I've brought the experiment all the way down to these two directly connected hosts and am using only the rtiddsping application with no special arguments or QoS settings, including verifying that the environment is clean and the process is not reading any QoS files.

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Using rtiddsping


I am attempting to use rtiddsping to diagnose an issue in communications where publication occurs on a VxWorks box and subscription occurs on a Windows machine.

To learn the tool, I’m presently just running some tests across two Windows machines.

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