Strange error/warning in rtiadminconsole

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Strange error/warning in rtiadminconsole


on one of our systems I have some troubles with dds. Therefore I decided to do some debugging with rtiadminconsole but I only get those warnings:

2016-07-29 11:11:14,530 : WARN : : - [D0032|ENABLE]NDDS_Transport_Shmem_is_segment_compatible:incompatible shared memory segment found. Found segment of size 1115280.  Needed 3145936.
2016-07-29 11:11:14,536 : ERROR : : - [D0032|ENABLE]NDDS_Transport_Shmem_create_recvresource_rrEA:failed to initialize recvResource for port 0x3c4e

I still can see the processes and their corresponding domain partiticpants but no publisher or subscriber from them.

One another system all works fine - maybe some kind of system resource limit?

Any hint what's going on here or where to dig further?




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Hey Christian,

As written in the warning, admin console (the logger device) is trying to write 3145936 bytes (about 3 megabytes) into a shared memory segment that is only a bit larger than 1 megabyte.
This is most normally caused by 1 of 2 things:


Contradicting QoS.

My guess would be contradicting QoS:

1. RTI tools come with builtin QoS that would play out-of-the-box (or should) with default QoS of the code

2. How ever, most people use specialized QoS in their implementations and those often do not work well with the default QoS used by the tools

There are a lot of posts that bring this issue up.

A useful guide was posted to the Knowledge Base by rose:

Hopefully it solves your issue!


Good luck,