Is there a buffer feature for performance tests?

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Is there a buffer feature for performance tests?


I was just wondering is there a feature for storing performance test values in a data structure (that acts as a buffer), and then once the test is complete, the data from the data structure is written to a csv file? Preferably in Java.



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We do not have this feature implemented yet, however I think you could modify the test so you get the information you want (depending on what you want exactly):

1 - all the information about the latencies is stored in Java in the "_latencyHistory" variable in the class. You can potencially, at the deletion of this class (at the end of the test), dump it to a file.

2 - For the final statements about the averages, you could potencially modify the System.out.println() so they print the info in csv. format Or even just save that into a structure instead of printing it. You will find these prints easily, these are 4 prints, all containing the word "Lenght:"

Let me know if this works for you. In the future we want to see if we can directly set the output to be json or csv, but this will not be in RTI Perftest next release.