Unable to create domain participant, add_membership error 0, java, windows 7

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Unable to create domain participant, add_membership error 0, java, windows 7

I am trying to run the Hello_simple example provided with the 5.0.0 installation in Eclipse on windows 7 with java jdk 1.7.0_12 and I'm encountering a similar error as follows:

[D0000|ENABLE]NDDS_Transport_UDPv4_SocketFactory_create_receive_socket:setsockopt(ADD_MEMBERSHIP) error 0
multicast_address_in: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:EFFF:0001
interface: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0A00:000E
Unable to create domain participant

The getting started guide mentioned that if my windows machine is not connected to a network, I will need to configure the RTI Message Service to use only shared memory by modifying  the QosConfig.xml file. However, my machine is already connected to a local area network and I am still getting this error. 

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Hello kuanyong, 

If you have a network card on Windows that is configured with more than one IP address, it could cause this error.  If you have this setup, there is a hotfix available from Microsoft:


If your network card only has a single IP address, it may indicate that multicast is disabled on your network.  If this is true, you will have to change your discovery settings to not use multicast.  Here is a document that describes how to disable multicast in RTI Connext DDS: http://community.rti.com/kb/how-do-i-configure-rti-data-distribution-service-not-use-multicast

Thank you,


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Hi Rose,

I'm using beaglebone (white). It has two separate MAC Addresses, hence the error message "Unable to create domain participant" kept appearing. What can I do?