Using the Excel add-in

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Using the Excel add-in

I'm very new to this product and this might be a silly mistake but... I'm looking at the RTI DDS add-in for Excel, and I'm trying to rewrite the Hello_simple example that comes with it to publish a string, and get Excel to pick it up. Everything works, apart from displaying the value of the string I feed it. (It picks up the time the message was sent, and all the other meta-data just fine)

When I run my code, after having set up Excel, I get the following error:

DDS_DynamicData_copy:invalid operation, src bound to member id 123456789

where 123456789 is a 9 digit number that changes every time. What am I doing wrong?

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What version of Excel are you using? This looks like a corruption because a 9-digit member ID is quite rare. What types are you using in your code?