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Using the Excel add-in

I'm very new to this product and this might be a silly mistake but... I'm looking at the RTI DDS add-in for Excel, and I'm trying to rewrite the Hello_simple HelloPublisher.java example that comes with it to publish a string, and get Excel to pick it up. Everything works, apart from displaying the value of the string I feed it. (It picks up the time the message was sent, and all the other meta-data just fine)

When I run my code, after having set up Excel, I get the following error:

DDS_DynamicData_copy:invalid operation, src bound to member id 123456789

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Excel toolbar

I followed the procedure to install the Excel plugin according to the documentation (using exe and not the msi, etc). When

I start Excel, it reports that the RTI plugin initialized OK, but the RTI toolbar does not show up in the Add-ins tab. I have tried

to uninstall and re-install a few time, but still cannot get the tool bar to appear in the Excel tab. 

The setup is Connext 4.5f with Microsoft Excel 2010 on Windows 7.

Any tips will be welcomed.



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