Voice over DDS

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Voice over DDS

Hi everybody,

I am intending to conduct a research on sending voice over DDS middleware. So, I appreciate if any body can light up my way.

Thanks in advance.

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Voice should not be too different from any other type of real-time stream.  Once you have decided on the CODEC to use you can define a DDS data-type to hold the packets. The data-type shuld contain an octet sequence where you would put the codified data. It might also have other fields taht you can set to support doing things like content filter on the stream.

We do not have an example that sends voice. But we do have one for video which has some similar aspects. Take a look at:  https://github.com/rticommunity/rticonnext-usecases/tree/master/VideoData



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do you know if any sample code for sending voice over DDS is available now?



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Not from RTI...as Gerardo said, once you get the coded audio data, sending/receiving via DDS is pretty straight-forward/basic.  The complicated part of getting audio from a microphone, encoding it or decoding and sending to a speaker has nothing to do with DDS...and so we have no examples of doing that part.  Sorry.  But I'm sure you can find examples that that through a general google on the web.  It'll highly depend on the OS and what hardware devices are available.