Troubleshoot Connext DDS Pro: Why am I having issues with my QOS configuration?

Common reasons why an application may be running with a QOS different from what is intended.

The observed result could be that the application runs with the wrong QOS values which could result in behavioral changes and/or other issues (e.g. request-offered incompatibility).

Common Scenarios:

  1. XML file being loaded twice

  2. QOS profiles not inheriting as expected

  3. Not using built-in profiles as starting point

  4. Using default profile unintentionally (is_default_qos = true)

  5. Using a QOS profile from a different source than expected


Other Suggested Resources:

  1. Typical use cases for different QOS parameters

  2. Built-in QOS profiles examples

  3. Using QOS profiles examples

  4. QOS File XML Validation

  5. QOS Reference guide