Deploying Infrastructure Services

If you are using version 5.2.0 or higher and want to deploy one of RTI’s infrastructure services, such as Routing Service, Persistence Service or Recording Service, these are the files you need from inside your rti_connext_dds-5.2.0 installation directory:


  • resource/app/bin/<arch>/rtiserviceexample[.exe]: The service application
  • resource/app/lib/<arch>: The shared libraries used by the services


  • bin/rtiserviceexample[.bat]: The script that sets up the environment variables for shared libraries is in the bin/ directory.  You can run the application without this script, but you will need to configure library paths.
  • resource/scripts/rticommon[.sh/.bat]: Called by the services’ scripts as a general way to set environment variables consistently.  If you are running using the scripts in bin/, those scripts expect this to be in a known relative path.
  • resource/scripts/rticommon_config[.sh/.bat]: If you deploy the script in bin/ and the rticommon script, you will also need to deploy this script, and you will have add the following line that disables copying the workspace:
    # resource/scripts/
    @REM resource/scripts/rticommon_config.bat
    set copyWorkspace=false
  • resource/xml/RTI_SERVICE_EXAMPLE.xml: The default XML QoS configuration files used by the service

If the application you are looking to deploy runs on your host platform, you will find it in the architecture directory in the table.  If the application you are looking to deploy only runs on a target such as INTEGRITY, you will find the application in the target architecture.

Host Platform32-bit Architecture64-bit Architecture
MacOS x64Darwin12clang4.1