How do I use rtiddsgen if my platform is not supported?

Note: Applies to RTI DDS and Connext versions: NDDS 3.x, RTI Connext 4.x and above.

rtiddsgen -example accepts most, but not all, platforms supported by RTI Connext.

Any source code generated by rtiddsgen is platform independent, including the example application created using the optional -example flag.

While the example code is platform independent, the associated project or makefile to build the example is not. The purpose of the -example flag is to enable you to quickly create and build a "Hello World" type application based on the newly created data type.

As such, it is mainly supported on platforms that lend themselves well to rapid prototyping. To run the example code on a platform for which rtiddsgen cannot readily create the makefile, you need to manually build the example. The example makefiles and the Platform Notes document (RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_PlatformNotes.pdf) provide a good starting point.