My NDDSHOME environment variable has a space in the path, why aren’t the shipped examples compiling?

If you are running into problems compiling the shipped examples or the generated Hello World example from rtiddsgen on a non-Windows platform, one of the first things to check is if your installation directory resides in a path that contains spaces. If it does, then the solution will be to redefine your NDDSHOME environment variable to include quotation marks. For example, if your installation path is /home/user/directory with spaces/rti_connext_dds-5.2.0 then you should define NDDSHOME as follows, escaping a set of quotation marks to surround your path:

export NDDSHOME="\"/home/user/directory with spaces/rti_connext_dds-5.2.0\""

Note: for the Java examples, this approach will not work, your NDDSHOME variable should not have quotation marks in it.

In future releases of RTI Connext DDS (post-5.2.0), we plan on updating our shipped and generated makefiles to be more robust to these situations. However, as a best practices, on non-Windows platforms we recommend installing RTI Connext DDS in a path with no spaces.