Routing Service 5.1.0 shuts down suddenly while running in Windows

When running on Microsoft Windows, the Routing Service 5.1.0 can unexpectedly stop working with the following dialog being displayed:

This can also occur when terminating the application with Ctrl-C.

The problem might be caused by a bug in an optimization introduced in Routing Service 5.1.0 that avoids deserializing and then serializing all routed samples. This problem will occur if all of the following conditions are true:

  • The routed data types are final or extensible, but not mutable.
  • The max_serialized_size of the type is a multiple of 8.
  • You are running Routing Service on a supported Windows platform.

The workaround is to turn the optimization off using the hidden tag simple_route_optimization in the Routing Service configuration file. The following snippet of XML file demonstrates where to add the tag:


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