What does "icmp-response bandwidth limit" mean?

Note: Applies to RTI Connext  4.x and above. Specific to LynxOS.

The error message " icmp-response bandwidth limit" in LynxOS is caused by too many messages sent to ports that are not being listened on by an application. LynxOS sends an icmp-response packet for each incoming message and when those messages reach a limit, you get the " icmp-response bandwidth limit" error message. 

This could be caused by several things:

  • someone is scanning your ports 
  • a local application has quit without cleaning up its DataReaders, thus causing remote DataWriters to continue sending to ports that are no longer begin listened on. 
  • high max participant indices set in the NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS. For example:  50@myhost

This causes RTI Connext to send discovery packets to ports on myhost that correspond to participant indices of 0-50, even if you only have one RTI Connext application running with the participant index of 50.