What happens if I rename the RTI Connext DDS installation directory?

Note: Applies to RTI Connext 5.2.x and above.

When you run an RTI Connext DDS host installer, the installation directory will always be like this: <default install path or user defined installation path>/rti_connext_dds-x.x.x. The installer itself adds the “rti_connext_dds-x.x.x”.

If you rename this “rti_connext_dds-x.x.x” and then try to install a target package (.rtipkg) with RTI Package Installer (rtipkginstall), the installation will not show any error, but the target libraries will end up in a wrong and unexpected location. The reason for this is:

  • The .rtipkg file internally contains .zip file, and the package includes the path "rti_connext_dds-x.x.x" inside the zipped structure.

  • The rtipkginstall unzips the file into a well-known location.

If the directory name has changed, the .zip file will still unzip, but it will try to unzip on an "rti_connext_dds-x.x.x" directory, resulting in an unexpected and wrong behavior.

This being said, if you need to rename the installation directory, it is recommended to install all the target packages that you need first and, then, rename the directory.

Please be aware that, since RTI products have been designed to expect an  "rti_connext_dds-x.x.x" installation directory, it is possible that you face issues running Launcher or other tools after renaming the installation directory. If you run into this situation in one of your machines, just revert to the original installation directory name, “rti_connext_dds-x.x.x”.