At what OSI layers does RTI Connext operate?

RTI Connext operates across the host layers (4,5,6,7) using an existing Network, Data Link and Physical layer.

  • RTI Connext's Layer 4 interaction is a little bit open to interpretation; RTI Connext uses an existing layer 4 transport (UDP). The RTPS protocol adds reliability and other QoS to it to create a more functional transport.  This effectively recreates some layer 4 capability.
  • At the session layer, RTI Connext implements controls for opening, closing and managing sessions and connections as expected.
  • At the presentation layer, RTI Connext serializes and deserializes data using CDR based on the user's IDL data types.
  • At the application layer, RTI Connext provides an API for the application users to interact with and configure the middleware.