Why do I get an UnsatisfiedLinkError when running the 4.2e+ Java libraries on Windows?

Note: Applies to RTI Data Distribution Service 4.2 and later

The error observed may be similar to the following:

The library nddsjavad.dll could not be loaded on Windows.
Make sure that the library is in your Path environment variable.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\rti\ndds.4.3e\lib\i86Win32jdk\nddsjavad.dll: This application has failed to start

The Java libraries included with RTI Data Distribution Service 4.2 and later require that you have the Visual C++ 2005 SP1 libraries. If you have Visual C++ 2005, you can install Service Pack 1 to get those libraries. If you don't, you can install the Visual C++ SP1 Redistribution Package from RTI's Self-Service Portal. The file, vcredist_x86.exe (for 32 bit architectures) or vcredist_x64.exe (for 64 bit architectures), is available in the Downloads section, under Windows Target Libraries for RTI Data Distribution Service 4.2e.

You can also download the package from Microsoft's website: 

For VS2005:

For VS2008:

Note: The above links are also provided in the RTI Data Distribution Service Release Notes.

If you want to build against the Java debug libraries, you need to have Visual C++ 2005 SP1 (or Visual Studio 2005 SP1) installed on your system. RTI is unable to redistribute the debug version of the Microsoft libraries. 

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I know that applications created using RTIDDS Version 4.2e will run on a Windows XP platform.  Will a RTIDDS Version 4.2e application run on a Windows 7 platform as well, or is there another RTIDDS version that must be used for Windwows 7?