Why does my application hang on Windows when deleting the participant?

Note: Applies to RTI Data Distribution Service 4.4b and below

If a network interface is disconnected or disabled while your application is running, your application might hang when properly shutting down your DomainParticipant. The likely cause is how the middleware cleans up sockets and how Windows Firewall handles multicast loopback. In 4.4c and later, this issue has been resolved. 

For versions prior to 4.4c, a workaround is either to change the configuration of Windows Firewall by unchecking the "don't allow exception" check box and adding an exception for the publisher and the subscriber applications, or to turn off Windows Firewall.

This issue is documented in the RTI Data Distribution Service Release Notes for 4.4c and 4.4d as RTI Bug # 12696.