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take_next_sample stucks


In my code I don't always want my system to handle an incoming message just at that moment, so I create signals and that sort of things in the listeners to wake up appropriate mechanisms in the code. And when I handle these messages (I mean taking data from the datareader) I use take_next_sample method. But, unfortunately, after 1 or 2 messages, this method stucks giving no error. When I look at deeply, I saw that take_next_sample method tries to lock some database mutex and waits for the mutex (probably a deadlock or sth.). -- micro 2.4.7

RTI Connext DDS CERT - Intro to Safety Certified DDS

RTI’s Connext DDS Cert is the first DDS implementation evaluated to DO-178C. It is available with a complete Level A Certification Package produced by Verocel, a leader in mission-critical software verification with a proven track record of DO-178 certifications. Find our more at


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Connext Micro <-> Connext Pro communication

I have successfully built Connext micro DDS applications that can communicate with eachother on the same computer ( thanks to the hello world examples ).   I also have two applications built with Connext Pro that can send and recieve the same topic.   I am now trying to get an application built with connext Micro to communicate with an application built with Connext Pro.  I am not able to receive samples in either application.  Everything looks good in the RTI Analyzer.  Types look correct and Match Analysis shows a correct match.  The Connext Pr

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