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Can not install RTI DDS Toolkit in cRio 9053

Hi, hope you can help me.

I have installed RTI DDS v toolkit on my PC and it works fine publishing and subscribing data, so now, I want to do the same but in my cRio 9053, so the getting started document says that I should install the software by using NI Max; however, I can not find the RTI DDS toolkit in NI Max. Is there a compatibility problem? 

I am using Labview 2021SP1 32b, NI Linux RT image 21.5. I hope you can help me. Best regards.

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Trouble installing onto a cRio

So I'm hoping I can use rti dds on a project for communicating between some cRio-9041s that I have.

I installed things on my development computer without issue, now I need to install things on the cRios.  I'm going through the instructions in the document at:

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