Decentralized control

On the Implementation of IoT-Based Digital Twin for Networked Microgrids Resiliency Against Cyber Attacks

The increased rate of cyber-attacks on the power system necessitates the need for innovative solutions to ensure its resiliency. This work builds on the advancement in the IoT to provide a practical framework that is able to respond to multiple attacks on a network of interconnected microgrids. This paper provides an IoT-based digital twin (DT) of the cyber-physical system that interacts with the control system to ensure its proper operation.
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Data-Centric Hierarchical Distributed Model Predictive Control for Smart Grid Energy Management

The smart grid energy management with variable renewable energy resources presents many challenges to the grid operation. An optimized solution to manage the available resources is necessary to achieve reliable operation. This paper presents the hierarchical distributed model predictive control (HDMPC) to solve the energy management problem in the multitime frame and multilayer optimization strategy.
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